jueves, 27 de septiembre de 2012

If We Ever (Just Wanted You To Know)

If we ever cross paths one day,
And we do not exchange anything else but looks,
Know that the smile that will take over me is because I am genuinely so happy to see you.

If we ever cross words one day,
Know that if I ask you how you are and about your life, it is because I really want to know.
Know that if I say I am glad and happy for you, I truly and genuinely am,
Because you deserve nothing but the best life of all,
One that is full of love, peace, and happiness. 

If we never meet again,
Be certain that when I think about you, (and I will)
I will smile and my heart will fill with warmth, (literally)
Because our time together and you have meant more than the world to me.
Know that even from afar, I will always love you in a manner that is more than romantic,
Because you will never know how truly grateful I am with life and God that you once entered into my life,
To mark it and change me forever.

I am more than certain, and always will, that you came to me for a reason,
And even if there is distance between us for the rest of our lives,
I will always care for, have faith in, and appreciate you. 

There are just no words and no way to ever express my gratitude towards you.
You truly gave me more than the world.  
Just know that this is the way that I will forever remember you and the way you will always stay in my heart,
And that memory is composed of a feeling so strong,
That it is beyond words and beyond my understanding.
The best way that I can express it is as love, gratitude, peace, faith, and happiness,
All and every single one will be forever yours.

If we ever cross paths one day,
If you ever think of me, remember me, or just wonder one day, 
If you stay by my side for the rest of my life,
(Even if you don't)
I just wanted you to know.

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