jueves, 27 de septiembre de 2012

True Love

True love is not only that of two persons who live together forever.
True love goes beyond those terms of romanticism.
True love has no one form.
In fact, it has many and is ever changing.
True love is to love someone enough to step aside and let that person grow and find what is best for him,
(Such as the one that our parents give us).
It is to love someone and remind that person of their worth,
Because you truly see it.
It is to be a friend in his time of need.
To in one form or another, never leave his side,
(Even if you are watching from afar),
Because a part of your heart will always be his.
Finally, it can also be to walk together down the same road,
(If it is meant to be and if the time ever comes).
True love knows no ownership.
Rather, it is the desire to accompany that person and cherish every moment,
Knowing that you were allowed into his life and you will stay there for as long as you are allowed.
It is to know that you can’t make that person happy,
But that you can share your lives, experiences, and happiness together.
It is to know that you can’t save that person and that you can’t be his rock,
But that you can be there for him always, having faith when that person doesn’t.
It is to accept that person, for who he is at that precise moment,
With the good and bad.
It is not to expect them to change in order to meet your expectations,
Because you will have no other than for him to be the best person he possibly can for himself.
True love is to give what that person requires from you at that exact moment,
Whether it is as an acquaintance, as friend, or as a lover.
It is pure and sincere,
Accepting, forgiving, and understanding.
It knows no pride and it is never selfish.
It is an ever changing, transforming, unique, but always growing emotion.
It is always surprising since as time passes by,
You start to find and learn many new ways to love that person.
It is never on a base of need, never based on dependence,
Never expecting anything in return.
It is to genuinely want and wish above all for the best life for that person and his happiness,
Whether it is with or without you,
Whether that person remains in your life or not.
That is true love. 

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